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                         These are the mountains which present, between
                         France and Spain, an astonishing scene of culture,
                         of history and of beauty. Let us leave the
                         mediterranean landscapes and set off for the Pic
                         du Canigou: dominating and grandiose, it has
                         some marvellous sights... steep mountain passes,
                         abbeys and villages clinging to the mountain - here
                         we are in Roman territory. Impressive settings for
                         the beautiful abbeys of Saint Martin du Canigou
                         and of Saint Michel de Cuxa and, close to the
                         latter, Prades celebrates that immensely popular
                         Catalan violinist, Pablo Casals. You have arrived
                         at Villefranche de Conflent, a fortified town, its
                         citadel and its fort linked by 1000 underground

                         And then comes the Cerdagne, a beautiful
                         valley. Mont Louis and its ramparts and, up
                         there, a picture of delight: Font-Romeu,
                         where the preparations for great sports
                         take place, is surrounded by some very fine resorts
                         where you will practice cross-country or downhill
                         skiing in a magnificent environment.

                         The summer and winter delights of spa towns.
                         Luchon is typically "thirties". Here, an immense
                         area opens out before you, a place where
                         hydrotherapy and skiing combine to put you back
                         into great form. Among other resorts, you will find:
                         Piau-Angaly, the highest, with superb snow quality.
                         Bareges-Tourmalet and la Mongie, the largest
                         skiing area in the pyrenees, Gavarnie-Gedre
                         where you will discover the wild cirque of Gavarnie,
                         and its great cascading waterfall: at 3,000 metres
                         this is an incredible wall.

                         Discover Gourette, one of the most sporting
                         resorts in France and Somport-Candanchu in the
                         heart of the National Park of the pyrenees. On
                         leaving Luchon, you simply must visit
                         Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges and the sumptuous
                         Roman remains of its cathedral, an essential
                         stopping place along the Route de Compostelle.
                         Another town to explore, Pau, English, saw the
                         birth of Henry IV Its boulevard des pyrenees offers
                         an exceptional panoramic view over the mountain
                         range, from the peak of the Midi de Bigorre to the
                         peak of Anie.